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This plugin is much more than a simple shortcode plugin.  Yes, it will create all of your basic shortcodes, but it can also use class-matching to rewrite HTML classes, allowing you to change the item properties of any class on an entire site.  For example, you could change all emails or all phone numbers on a site simply by class by altering that class's text or href property, or change the popup text for all photos or links on your site.  You could change the font or color of all instances of a class by changing the style property of that class.  You could change how all hyperlinks on your site appear, all without editing your theme files or manually editing each link.  This plugin makes it simple to make site-wide changes in one spot without rewriting a single piece of code on your site, instantly.


This text on your page: Welcome to [COMPANY] in [CITY] , [STATE].  We specialize in [SPECIALTY1] and [SPECIALTY2].
Can display like this: Welcome to Charlotte's Web Design in San Diego , California.  We specialize in building websites and graphic design.

Class Matching and Rewriting

Class matching is a powerful way to make changes sitewide all from one place.

  • Need to change the colors on all of your banners at once?  We can do that.
  • Want to change the font on all of your photo captions?  No problem.
  • Would you like to edit where the hyperlinks go from some elements scattered throughout your site?  Simple.
  • How about changing the text on all your "CALL NOW" banners on every page of your site?  Too easy.

You make all these changes on this plugin's options page and the plugin does all the magic behind the scenes for you.  No editing every single instance of that block that you put on your site scattered across 14 pages.  You set it in one place and you're done.  Shortcodes allow you to change a few words here and there, but class matching lets you change much more than just text or even CSS styles.  Any element with a class on your site can be targeted and modified.  Any text blocks, any hyperlinks, any photos, any icons.  Anything.  All without modifying your theme or CSS files.

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