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WordPress Plugins

We've been building wordpress plugins for several years, and we specialize in building plugins that do just one or two things really well.  That way you don't end up with lots of features you don't need that bloat everything and slow down your site.  We keep them lightweight, so they have a negligible impact on site performance.


If you need a custom plugin built, feel free to contact us to discuss it.  Below are a few custom plugins we have for sale.

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Sgt Contact Form

This highly-requested plugin is an extremely effective text-based contact form plugin that uses a multi-layered approach to completely block 99% of all spam entries.  It is easily configurable to block all spam, whether bot-spam or human spam! When a user or bot attempts to send a spam contact form email, they never know they were blocked, so you don't have to worry about them trying to find ways around your blocks.  This system is amazingly effective!  We built this after many of our customers were getting their contact forms constantly spammed so much they were missing actual customer emails.  One of our customers went from 15 spam emails a day to 1 per week.  Think of how much time they're saving, plus they don't miss customer emails anymore.  Get this plugin today and say goodbye to spending hours wading through spam forever! Take a closer look at Sgt Contact Form here.

Sgt Shortcodes

This plugin is much more that a simple shortcode plugin.  You can create simple basic shortcodes, but it can also use class-matching to rewrite CSS classes, allowing you to change an item's properties of any class on an entire site.  For example, you could change all emails or all phone numbers on a site simply by altering that class's text or href property.  You could change the font or color of all instances of a class by changing the style property of that class.  This plugin makes it simple to make site-wide changes in one spot without rewriting a single piece of code on your site, instantly.  See more about this plugin here.

Sgt Collapse

This plugin allows you to collapse and expand text blocks or images on your site, giving you a simple, clean interface that your users can expand simply by clicking an icon.  This plugin handles all the javascript and code and lets you add collapsible blocks to your site just like adding a snippet of text.  Take a closer look at Sgt Collapse here.

Custom Web Code

We've been writing custom web code for over 20 years in multiple languages, such as: PHP, SQL, HTML, CSS, Javascript, and more.  If you need some custom web code written, contact us to discuss what we can do for you.